Your child’s health

The increasing amounts of dust and pollution in the air are causing children to suffer from asthma, coughs, colds, allergies, and other respiratory ailments. Salt Therapy is a wonderful complementary therapy for children, to help cleanse and relieve the uncomfortable and painful symptoms of respiratory and skin conditions like asthma, rhinitis, nasal congestion, tonsillitis, hay fever/allergies, eczema, ear infection, sinusitis, cough, cold, croup, chest infections and also to help build their immunity towards these ailments.

Children Salt Room

Salt therapy for children

Research has shown that children react to salt therapy treatments quicker than adults do, and the results have been excellent. The majority of children show significant improvement in their symptoms in as few as five salt room sessions, which very often reduces their dependence on regular prescribed medication like antibiotics and steroids, which have damaging long-term effects. Being completely natural and drug-free, there are no side effects of Salt Therapy and it has helped thousands of children across the world to breathe easier, feel better, and resist infections more effectively.

No tricks, only treats!

The most wonderful part about Salt Therapy is that the children won’t even realise that they are being treated! All they have to do is breathe naturally and/or expose the affected areas of their skin, and let the dry salt particles work their magic! At Salt Escape, we have a special room for the little ones, with lots of toys, books, games, puzzles, and TV shows for their recreation and entertainment. So while the kids play, their airways and skin get cleansed and relieved of the congestion, inflammation and allergies.

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