Coughing is the body's way of removing foreign material or mucous from the lungs and upper airway passages or of reacting to an irritated airway. A cough is only a symptom, not a disease, and often the importance of your cough can be determined only when other symptoms are evaluated.


A ‘dry’ cough is one that is usually felt at the back of the throat as a tickle that sets off the coughing. It happens when the throat and upper airways become inflamed (swollen). Dry coughs are known as non-productive coughs (no phlegm or mucous is produced). A dry cough is most often the result of infection by cold and flu viruses, where the brain thinks that the inflammation in your throat and upper airways is a foreign object and tries to remove it by coughing. It can also be triggered by atmospheric pollutants (such as cigarette smoke) irritating your throat.
‘Chesty’ coughs are triggered by an excessive amount of mucous in the chest. The cough is helpful, because it clears the mucous from your lung passages. When the common cold or flu virus enters the respiratory system, more mucous is produced in an attempt to wash away the bugs and help fight off the infection. This increased mucous can gather in the respiratory system and a cough reflex is triggered to help remove the extra phlegm.

Causes for a cough

An occasional cough is normal — it helps clear irritants and secretions from your lungs and prevents infection. However, a cough that persists for weeks is usually the result of a medical problem. In many cases, more than one cause is involved. The following causes, alone or in combination, are responsible for the majority of cases of chronic cough :

  • Postnasal drip - When your nose or sinuses produce extra mucous, it can drip down the back of your throat and trigger your cough reflex. This condition is also called upper airway cough syndrome (UACS).

  • Asthma - An asthma-related cough may be season-sensitive, appear after an upper respiratory tract infection, or become worse when you're exposed to cold air or certain chemicals or fragrances.

  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) - In this common condition, stomach acid flows back into the tube that connects your stomach and throat (esophagus). The constant irritation can lead to chronic coughing. The coughing, in turn, worsens GERD — a vicious cycle.

  • Infections - A cough can linger long after other symptoms of pneumonia, flu, a cold or other infection of the upper respiratory tract have gone away. A common but under-recognized cause of a chronic cough in adults is pertussis, also known as whooping cough.

  • Blood pressure drugs - Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors, which are commonly prescribed for high blood pressure and heart failure, are known to cause chronic cough in some people.

  • Chronic bronchitis/smoking - This long-standing inflammation of your major airways (bronchial tubes) can cause a cough that brings up sputum. Most people with chronic bronchitis are current or former smokers. Chronic bronchitis is usually part of the spectrum of smoking-related lung disease called Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).


Salt Therapy, Cough

  • Salt is anti-bacterial and helps to dry out the germs and bacteria from the respiratory system
  • Salt is anti- inflammatory; dry, saline-diffused air reduces inflammation throughout the respiratory tract
  • Being mucolytic, salt loosens excessive mucous and speeds up the elimination of toxins
  • Salt is a natural antihistamine and helps to reduce IgE levels (the immune system won’t over-react to the level of antibodies)

Salt Therapy helps to treat many conditions of the airways - swelling, inflammation, excessive mucous production, and bacterial infection. In most cases, after a course of Salt Therapy, inflammation and over-sensitivity within the airways/bronchi reduces, thereby alleviating the cough and also improving the quality of breathing.


  • Depending on your age and severity of your condition, 10 to 15 sessions are recommended.
  • The sessions should be frequent; about two or three per week is suggested.
  • Ideally, chronic cough sufferers should do 1 to 2 courses of salt therapy a year. Top-up sessions can be done in between courses if required to keep the lungs and airways from mucous build-up.

In most cases, after a course of Salt Therapy, airways become clearer and symptoms alleviate for an extended period of time. The treatment's efficacy is estimated at 75 to 98%.


> Bachi T.

For over 15 years, I was suffering from a chronic problem of violent bouts of coughing. After discovering Salt Escape and having persevered with the therapy, I am very happy to record that there is a marked improvement in my condition, with the intensity of coughing bouts having greatly reduced.

> Aban B.

I was desperately looking for answers for my chronic cough. No amount of prescription drugs or home remedies came to my help as I suffered for several years. Within a few sessions, my cough was much better....I would strongly recommend this treatment to anyone having respiratory problems. The owners and the staff at Salt Escape are friendly and caring...

> Roda B.

I had a consistent aggravating cough. Post my completing about 8 sessions at Salt Escape, the congestion in my throat has considerably reduced and I feel lighter and almost free of coughing. Additionally, the pristine cleanliness and hygiene of the place is a solace to the mind!

> Nadir D.

I have to say that the treatment I had at Salt Escape on my visit from London earlier in the year was, by any standards, brilliant. It got rid of my stubborn cough and cold which I had picked up in the Far East and which the pollution in Mumbai had accentuated. My first stop on my next visit from London is going to be Salt Escape!

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