Eczema & Psoriasis

Eczema is a form of dermatitis, which is an acute or chronic inflammation of the skin. It occurs because of a hypersensitivity reaction. This causes the skin to overreact to certain triggers, such as dyes, fabrics, soaps, animals, and other irritants. Eczema is very common in infants. Many people outgrow the hypersensitivity by childhood or early adulthood. Skin may appear red, inflamed, peeling, cracked, blistered, or pus-filled. Being highly individual, eczema comes in many different forms and varies from person to person, but it is not contagious.

Psoriasis is a chronic auto-immune condition that results in the overproduction of skin cells. When a person has psoriasis, their skin replacement process speeds up, taking just a few days to replace skin cells that usually take 21 to 28 days. This abundance of skin cells builds up to form raised ‘plaques’ on the skin. The dead cells build up into silvery-white scales. The skin becomes inflamed and red, causing serious itching. There’s no cure for psoriasis. Psoriasis commonly affects the skin of the elbows, knees, and scalp. The condition isn’t contagious.

Eczema and psoriasis don’t have any known cures, but they can be controlled with the right treatment.


Of Eczema

  • Itchy skin
  • A burning sensation
  • Red bumps that may ooze, drain, or crust
  • Scaly, sometimes silvery, skin patches
  • Dry, red, or rough skin
  • Inflammation or rash

Of Psoriasis

  • Red patches of skin covered with thick, silvery scales
  • Small scaling spots (commonly seen in kids)
  • Dry, cracked skin that may bleed
  • Itching, burning or soreness
  • Thickened, pitted or ridged nails
  • Swollen and stiff joints


Salt Therapy, eczema & psoriasis

  • Salt is anti-bacterial and helps to dry out the germs and bacteria
  • Salt is anti- inflammatory; dry, saline-diffused air reduces inflammation
  • Salt is a natural antihistamine and helps to reduce IgE levels (the immune system becomes less over-sensitive).

Salt Therapy is a clinically proven, natural and safe method of treatment for every age group.
Salt Therapy helps to lower the IgE level, a measure of antibodies which is often high in people with allergies. By lowering the IgE level, the immune system becomes less over-sensitive and does not over-react to try to deal with the problem. On the surface of the skin, Salt Therapy reduces inflammation on the skin and improves circulation. Particles of the dry salt aerosol help to kill bacteria and fungi, and cleanse the skin and respiratory tract of allergens like pollen, dust or smoke which trigger these conditions. After a course of Salt Therapy, the itching sensation on the skin decreases, cracks heal, and rashes often disappear.


  • 12 to 24 sessions are recommended for long term results.
  • The sessions should be frequent; about two to three a week is suggested.

In most cases, after a course of Salt Therapy, symptoms alleviate or even disappear for an extended period of time. The treatment's efficacy is estimated at 75 to 98%.


> Noshir S.

Salt Therapy has sent my 50 year old skin condition – psoriasis - into hibernation…

> Cynzia D.

My eczema/psoriasis improved a lot after my sessions at Salt Escape. I feel much better!

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