> Athletes

I am an athlete and rely on my lungs for good breathing. For quite a while, I had the following conditions that were hindering my performance:
- Constant cold due to which every morning I woke up sneezing
- Also had congestion; especially due to my early morning practice runs
- Whilst running I would continuously spit out phlegm.

I came to know of Salt Escape and this therapy after speaking to Lyla and Jamsheed Mehta, and I was interested to try it to see if it would help my condition. I went to Salt Escape a few days later itself. After the very first session, felt the phlegm coming out of my lungs, and so continued with the therapy and did a total of ten sessions. I started feeling better after the first 4 to 5 sessions.

My status on the culmination of 10 sessions is :
- Perennial cold and spitting of phlegm has completely stopped ( till date! )
- I feel that my lungs are better, and my breathing has improved, with no congestion whatsoever.

I would definitely recommend this therapy to others, especially those who rely on superior lung function. Best part is that this is a completely natural therapy with no side effects.

Savio D.

> Sinusitis

In October 2015, I came across ‘Salt Escape’ in Mumbai,  while I was browsing the internet for various therapies using salt. Immediately, I called up to find out details and was looking forward to go through the sessions.
I grabbed the opportunity to go through my first 5 sessions in December 2015 to January 2016 (opted to consume my lapsing leave at the year end).
I have had a persistent sinusitis and during winter it used to trouble me a lot. Inhalers gave me relief and had to use those very frequently. Immediately after my first session at ‘Salt Escape’ my breathing had improved slightly and gradually it improved further over 5 sessions.  I started to feel better and better. Also the frequency of usage of inhalers is reduced drastically.
The team at ‘Salt Escape’ is very cordial and friendly.
Thank you all.

Ravindra P.

> Shortness of breath

For the last two years, I developed breathlessness. There seemed to be no definite cause that could give this sort of shortness of breath. I would get breathlessness walking from one room to another. Having a bath became a chore. I would be fine sitting or lying down. It was not asthma or chest congestion. I assumed it is allergy. The discomfort continued till one day my son Gautam’s friend mentioned that he had been visiting Salt Escape, which was helpful in relieving respiratory allergies.
Gautam enrolled both of us for a session. I found it relaxing, but what appealed to me was that there were no inhalers or pills to be taken. One had just to sit in a salt room and just relax doing one’s own thing, reading, writing or just plain relax for an hour.
I took about 15 sessions back to back and can say that I became alive again. I have so far taken 28 sessions and plan to continue as a maintenance therapy atleast once a week if not twice.
It is a big blessing for all suffering from any allergies be it skin or respiratory disorders. There may be multiple other benefits in addition to this.
In gratitude to Lyla and Jamshed for making this available in Mumbai.

Santosh S.

> Laryngitis and sore throat

Over Christmas, a holiday out of town was imminent, but with the change in weather, I was down with laryngitis whereby I lost my voice.
My daughter insisted I visit ‘Salt Escape’ for therapy, which I thankfully did.
On four days, I did four consecutive sessions; with my voice coming back after the first session itself.
I had fully recovered by the end of the four – travelled on the 5th day, and made the most of my holiday!
Moreover, the sessions were very relaxing and soothing, and the team at Salt Escape was always helpful and friendly.
Thank you!

Villoo K.

> Asthma

Thank you so much for opening this wonderful facility of salt therapy in Mumbai . I feel blessed. I have been an Asthmatic for the last fifty years . I have been on steroids and nebulisers for the last twenty years . Last two years I have been particularly ill with repeated bouts of severe asthma attacks - with nebuliser thrice a day every day . I could not do anything till I took my nebuliser . It was a miserable life always; breathless even on little exertion. Of course I am a regular yoga practitioner and a meditator and follower of pranayama breathing every day. I was coping with a lot of effort.
In December 2015, my yoga teacher advised this salt therapy . I came with reluctance and was very cynical about this therapy. After 10 days in therapy, I felt less breathless and stopped my nebuliser . After 20 days, I went shopping and enjoyed the whole day of shopping, which was like a dream . Amazing! Just sit in a room with salt particles and you are better. I have completed 29 days of the therapy and feel amazingly healthy and ready to go.
Thank you once again and God bless you.

Nalinee A.

> Smoker’s Cough and Breathlessness

I have been a smoker for the last 40 years and because of this, I have had a persistent cough for many years. More recently, quite a bit of wheezing and breathlessness had increased.
When I first heard about this concept – ‘salt therapy’, I must admit I was a little sceptical about how salt therapy would help to treat my smoker’s cough and remove the mucous from inside my airways. However, since the therapy was drug-free and natural, I decided to give it a try.
The first 6 to 8 sessions did not yield much results but my breathing had improved slightly. Thereafter, gradually from the 10th session onwards, I started to feel better and better with my breathing and my stamina also improved.
As of today, I have done over 45 hours of treatment, and trust me this therapy has done wonders to my stamina, immunity and breathing.  My family physician checked me and told me that 75% of my Bronco-Spasm has gone away. There is only 25% left on the left side. Even my friends tell me that at the parties I attend that they don’t hear me coughing as much. I am now on top of the world and even smoking less than I used to and maybe in a few months will be able to give up smoking altogether!

Aspi K.

> Mild Asthma and Congestion

My congestion has got so much better in only 5 sittings – I wish I was here for longer – I sleep better, breathe better, and my congestion seems to have gone!
Thank you for doing this new therapy you are doing for us all.

Biban A.

> Nasal Congestion, Chronic Sinusitis, Ear Ache, Acne

I had first heard of the benefits of the salt cave and Salt Escape through an article in the local Mumbai newspaper and was immediately convinced that it would help in providing relief to my chronic sinusitis condition of over 16 years.
I observed that my immune system would immediately produce an allergic reaction to a combination of foods such as sour dishes and dairy products causing an excess production of mucus to clog my nasal cavity, sinus cavity and the area behind my ear.
While the pressure on the sinus and ear was tolerable, the persistent nasal congestion would wreak havoc, as the mucus would stagnate creating an offensive smelling bacteria and frequently leaving a foul taste in my mouth during/ after meals.  This condition made me extremely self-conscious and social gatherings was something I avoided as much as possible. I tried various methods / doctors to get myself treated, antibiotics every month for 5 straight years (no exaggeration), alternative medication without any results, experienced very limited results through steam inhalation and nasal irrigation (neti pot).
However during my very first session at Salt Escape I could feel the mucus draining. By day 5, the mucus was thin and runny and by the 7th sitting the nasal congestion, pressure on the ear and sinus had completely disappeared. The mucus that I would generally expectorate everyday was no longer discolored and was replaced with a clear and watery mucus.  Of all the various treatments I have tried, inhaling aerosol salts has been the most effective, penetrating deep within the sinus and providing much needed relief.  I can confidently say that this therapy has alleviated 99% of my nasal/ sinus congestion and 90% in the case of my oral hygiene. I no longer get negative reactions when I speak to people and feel so much more relaxed and confident.  I wish I was here longer for some more sittings and will surely be back for some more maintenance sessions. I have also noted a significant improvement in my acne after the 15th session.
Jamsheed and Lyla - I can’t thank you enough for setting up Salt Escape, I feel like I have been given a new lease on life. Kamal you have been the perfect and most wonderful host, making me feel completely at ease with your charismatic personality.
I would highly recommend this form of natural therapy to chronic sufferers rather than visiting doctors, not only because of the effectiveness of the treatment but also because of the genuine care and concern of the owners and staff of Salt Escape. I wish you all the very best and pray that your business venture prospers and expands across India, the world and not forgetting Abu Dhabi as well. Fingers crossed!

Lyvia F.

> COPD and Psoriasis

The last 2 years had been quite bad, health wise for my wife, Maloo and her COPD. We had met and tried so many doctors, specialists, various medications, even steroids and so many kinds of treatments but to no avail. Recently, she got so bad she could not take even a shower by herself. She would become terribly short of breath with heavy wheezing, This feeling my wife often described was a feeling of suffocating, gasping for air or like she was drowning. It was the most horrendous experience for the whole family. Our quality of life was at its lowest point.
And just when we were losing all hope of beating the COPD, a friend spoke to us about a new wellness centre 'Salt Escape' and it's wonders. Next morning we were at your door. After meeting Kamal, Lyla and you we knew we were in the right place. And from there on, the miracle journey of my wife for better and better health with each passing session started. Today after just 25 days my Maloo is at least 50% better. She is more confident, far happier and more alive than she was just 25 days ago. The good their therapy has done for both of us is nothing short of a miracle. The therapy has changed my wife’s quality of life and has also sent my 50 year old skin disease 'Psoriasis' into hibernation. So far after joining the clinic on the 2nd of this month ie Sept 2015, we have completed 23 sessions. Today our whole life has changed. We even go out everyday now. We definitely intend to continue until required.
The owners and all the staff at Salt Escape also happen to be most wonderful people we have ever had the good fortune of knowing. May God shower His choicest blessings on all at 'Salt Escape'. They say : “In friendship - no sorry, no thank you”. But, I'm sorry, there is no way I can rest without saying a big THANK YOU for doing what you guys are doing.

Noshir S.

> Allergies

My allergy improved significantly by the 10th session and is almost gone after 16 sessions. Change of climate cold lasted only 3 days instead of the usual 7 days. General well being also better. Was definitely a good option and I highly recommend it. Also a lovely ambience and people as bonus!

Pramila S.

> Asthma, Allergies, ‘Wet’ Lungs

I have been suffering from asthma/respiratory allergies/bad throat, etc., since childhood. For the last forty years, I have been on heavy medication/ inhalers, almost on a monthly basis. On the recommendation of a friend, I decided to sign up with ‘Salt Escape’ to find relief for these ailments.
Since my conditions were severe and present for an extremely long time, I was told that I would have to do at least 30 to 40 sessions before I found considerable relief. I did my sessions regularly for a few months as required.
On visiting my Chest Specialist last month, she saw a remarkable improvement in my overall condition, with the oxygen level at its best since 2009, and recommended I carry on this therapy rather than reverting to medication.
Since I have been taking no other medication, other than my inhalers, in this period, I can definitely attribute the vast improvement in my health due to regular attendance at ‘Salt Escape’. Also, and most importantly, for the last three months, I have not taken any antibiotics or steroids for my breathing condition or bad throat – which I used to take on a regular basis, before I started my salt therapy sessions at ‘Salt Escape’.
My sincere and heartfelt thanks for this tremendous improvement in my health, in a most natural and soothing environment!

Shabbir R.