Salt the Healer

The healing properties of natural salt have been known to us for centuries. The Egyptians, the Romans, and the Greeks all used salt extensively for its therapeutic properties – be it to disinfect wounds, to settle inflammations, or to treat respiratory problems. Hippocrates, the famous Greek physician who is known as “The Father of Medicine”, advocated steam inhalation from salt water over 2000 years ago! Through history, salt has been widely accepted as a powerful ‘cleanser’ and ‘purifier’, in medical and religious references.


As far back as 1843, in Poland it was documented that workers in the salt mines had a very low rate of respiratory illness. During World War II, a German doctor noticed that patients who took shelter in salt caves had almost miraculous improvements in their breathing and lung conditions. These findings urged further medical research, and with the encouraging results, people with asthma, bronchitis, and other respiratory problems began visiting clinics set up in salt mines to obtain relief from their conditions. In the 1960s, ‘salt rooms’ were developed in Russia and Eastern Europe, with devices called halogenerators, which simulated the conditions and climate in the salt mines, and in fact, accelerated the positive effects of the salt mines for respiratory and skin conditions. ‘Halotherapy’ or Salt Therapy was born.


Salt Therapy is fast becoming one of the more popular forms of natural treatment all around the world for relief from symptoms of respiratory and skin conditions. Thousands of adults and children with respiratory and skin problems have benefitted tremendously from Salt Therapy, with no side effects. Over a hundred salt rooms have opened up in the USA in the last decade. Numerous health spas in Europe and Australia have included Salt Therapy in their gamut of restorative treatments. Modern day Salt Therapy can be enjoyed at Salt Escape in the luxury of our air-conditioned, state-of-the-art salt rooms, where customers can enjoy the comforts of a deluxe spa whilst reaping the wonderful benefits that Salt Therapy offers.

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